About us

Fique Vivo is an initiative to prevent self-harm and suicide which have been used in Brazil since 2018.

The aim is to provide an online psychological first aid for people in intense emotional suffering and stimulate the creation of a protection network around the person at risk. The network is based on the referral of the person at risk to an appropriate health centre, close to the user location.

The algorithm already in use has been able to create distinct routes during the contact based on age, gender, suicide risk stratification, alcohol and substance misuse and presence of external factors related with the emotional suffering such as bullying, violence and sexual abuse.

With data provided by the Ministry of Health from Brazil, we are working to connect with more than 1500 mental health public services which provide free assistance. The aim of this action is to reduce the stigma of mental suffering and facilitate access to healthcare services. Despite that, the online access also facilitates the identification and contact with the individual social support network and other local social resources available.

The project is hosted at Health Foundry in London, United Kingdom, in order to accelerate its development and customisation for the use in other countries.